Web Slinging 2.10.15

Here is what I've been reading as I've swung around the web: Ed Stetzer had a post on peace between the generations in your church. He wrote "If you are going to be in a family, value what the family values." This is much-needed message in a time when separation over preferences is prevalent.

John Piper had a great post on fighting sexual sin. He lists 26 biblical strategies that can help in this important fight.

Jesse Wisnewski had a great post on men and friendships. It reads, "... (C.S.) Lewis’ advice on friendship from The Four Loves is arguably the wisest, most poignant, and practical I’ve come across." Men, we need deep friendships with other men that challenge us grow. Stop settling for shallow friendships at best, or no friendships at all at worst.

SmallGroups.com had a great post on small group models. Which one or ones do you have? Which one or ones do you need?

What have you been reading online? Leave me a comment (and maybe a link) and I'll check it out.


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