Tweets of the Week 2.9.15

Here are the tweets that got my attention from last week:

We get in trouble when we forget to check our experience in the world against our exegesis of the word.

Genuine faith produces fruit. No fruit = no faith. (James 1:18-26)

If you’re passionate for missions overseas but antagonistic to people groups in your neighborhood, you don’t understand Matt 28:19-20.

Holiness isn't never being tempted. Holiness is being tempted but obeying the Spirit by choosing to honor Jesus instead.

The King has called us friends, and friends share their hearts with each other. – Welch

Only God's grace, gobs of it, makes it possible for us to understand the beauty of holiness, and to grow in it.

Chrisitianity is not primarily about the teachings of Jesus; it first and foremost crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

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