Web Slinging 1.26.15

Here's what I've been reading online lately: Daniel Darling had a post on his blog on discipleship. He wrote, "But real discipleship happens off-screen, in private conversations, over a period of many years. It springs from natural friendships." It can't be rushed, it has to flow over time. Thanks Dan for a this great reminder.

Desiring God had a post on how to fight porn. It reads, "Paul addresses this problem by giving the church theological truths that, if embraced, will dethrone all forms of sexual immorality from our hearts." For most (and by that I mean all) men and an increasing number of woman, this is needed ammunition.

CBMW had a post on how to choose a job. It helps think through this complicated subject biblically. It reads in part, "...  it’s rarely easy to choose a job." If you are thinking about a first job or a new job this post will help.

Practical Shepherding had a post on internship requirements. If you have interns or are thinking about bringing some on, this is a good resource to help you think it through.

What have been challenged by online? Leave me a comment (and maybe a link) to check out.

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