Here's what Martyn Lloyd-Jones has to say on the topic of prayer from his study of 1 John 3:19-23:

The thing that keep sone going in the Christian life is prayer - communion and fellowship with God; it is something which is absolutely essential. I would go further and say that the Christian life is really impossible without it. (pg. 368)

Then he defines what prayer is and is not.

What Prayer Isn't

Prayer is not just a repetition of certain phrases, nor is it merely emitting certain desires or give expression to certain beautiful thoughts. Prayer is not some process of auto-suggestions or of treating oneself by means of psychology, nor is it something that ought to make us feel better. It is not something, as once remember hearing a man describe it, you do five minutes a day for your health's sake, so that you always feel better when you utter those beautiful thoughts. (pg. 369)

Prayer is

... prayer is coming before Him. (pg. 369)

He then closes the chapter by laying out the requirements of true prayer.

3 Things True Prayer Requires

1. Freedom from condemnation (pg. 370 - 375)

2. Confidence in our sonship (pg. 375 - 376)

3. Assurance (pg. 376 - 378)

So, how's your prayer life going? Leave a comment so I can be praying with and for you.

Quotes taken from Life in Christ by Martyn Lloyd-Jones ©2002 by Bethan Lloyd-Jones and published by Crossway.

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