(There) & Back Again

(There) & Back Again


Big exciting news on the home front... literally. A little background first. From the summer of 1989 to the summer of 1992 my family lived in Geneva, IL. I finished high school and started college while living there. I met some great friends while living there and currently have the awesome privilege to be involved with in ministry with some of them.

Last month Cheryl and I got together with one of those friends and his wife to see the latest Hobbit movie. After the movie we went out to eat and my friend causally mentions that my parents' old house it for sale. They drive by it on their way home from church. I found that pretty interesting.

Christmas day I mentioned it to my Mom because I knew she always loved that house. The next night my family took her out to dinner to celebrate her birthday and we continued talking about the house. We decided to see it the following Friday; mostly just to look. But we had been considering finding a home that would accommodate both my mother and my household. Since Dad passed away last August, Mom came to the conclusion that she doesn't like living alone. Cheryl, my Mom, and I toured the house on January 2, and after being there for no more than 20 minutes and talking it over, decided to put in an offer on the house.

The offer went in late on Friday. And then we waited. Sunday we heard from the realtor who said that was a previous bid in on the house, and the lender wanted both offers to be the maximum we were willing to go. After talking it over with my wife and Mom, we made the decision to stay with our original bid; knowing if it didn't work out with this house, we would continue looking for something that work for us all. Monday past with no word. Tuesday during the day past with no word. Tuesday afternoon, I started to panic and look at other property available in the area. Tuesday evening while at my son Tom's cub scout meeting my cell hone rang; it was the realtor. She said, the lender wanted to work with us but had a counter offer. It wasn't that much and we decided to accept their counter.

So, here we are, getting ready to buy a home that means a lot to my family. I get to raise my kids in a house I grew up in with my Mom living with us. It seems fast, a little crazy (... & scary), very nostalgic (... with a tad of weirdness tossed in) and a huge blessing. As long as everything goes smoothly we should close mid-february.

We all are looking forward to this next season and the adventure(s) it brings.

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