Here's what I've been reading as I've swung wrong the web in the past week: had a post about leadership, and how the church may be doing it wrong. It reads, "Every pastor preaches ... servant leadership, but I fear several marketplace strategies we’ve adopted undermine the core of Jesus’ model." Pastors, this is word of warning we need to take seriously.

CBMW had a post about the appropriate length of personal Bible study. In it the author encourages, "Don’t despise small amounts of time. Grab it and make use of it. Guard it." This is an important post that applies to parents as well as pastors.

The Gospel Coalition had a post on deepening prayer within small groups. The post points out one of the main reasons we struggle this way, "Corporate prayer is shallow because private prayer is infrequent." The post goes on to say what can be done about it. This is a good read for anyone involved with small/community group type ministries.

What have you been reading online and found helpful? Leave a link in the comment section for me to check out.

(There) & Back Again

(There) & Back Again

On Kids and Boundaries