Web Slinging 1.6.15

Here's what I've been reading as I've swung around the web: Relevant Magazine had a post on criticism. It reads, "As long as the Church is made up of sinners in need of grace, we'll have issues. And we need mature, wise, careful voices to speak to our issues." We all have the tendency and the capacity to want to do this some times, but we must offer criticism constructively.

The Gospel Coalition had a post that helps explain how sanctification works. It reads in part, "...  sanctification is not an endless, repetitive circle. It is a growing spiral in which each round penetrates more deeply into our identity as fallen, but redeemed, image-bearers of God." If you are struggling with your growth in holiness, check it out.

Art Rainer asks the question, "What makes an effective ministry leader?" He then goes on and lists out several key practices. If you're a leader, or want to be one day, put these things into action.

Matthew Molesky had a great post on how to deal with "real" problems, the ones under those we see. This another way to look at "fruit" and "root" sins. It's well worth your time.

What have you been reading online? Leave me a comment and a link to check out.

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