Web Slinging 12.30.14

Here's what I've been reading online as I've swung around the web this past week: Gospel Centered Discipleship had a post on evangelism and being culturally literate. Jonathan Dodson wrote, "To be effective in our new cultural landscape, we will have to slow down long enough to understand what people hear and how they speak in order to communicate the gospel in intelligible ways." We are all called to be evangelists and in order to do it effectively we must present it in a way our particular culture will understand.

The Verge Network had a post on easy ways to make disciples. This post gives practical advice that doesn't make people any busier, just more intentional.

The Gospel Coalition had a post on what Jonathan Edwards teaches us about the Christian life. Dane Ortlund wrote, "Reading Jonathan Edwards is not for historians and professors mainly, but for the rest of us." As one who struggled through Edwards' Religious Affections, I'm thankful for Ortlund breaking the pastor/theologian down for me.

What have you been reading online? Leave me a link to check out.

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