Web Slinging 12.23.14

Here's what I've been reading as I've swung around the web: Gospel Centered Discipleship had a post on the differences between moralistic motivation and gospel motivation. It reads, "If you are a Christian—that is, if you have anchored your trust in the perfect life and substitutionary death of Jesus on your behalf, then you need to know that God smiles over you before you lift a finger to do anything good." This is a good word for all of us, especially in a day where believers suffer from moralistic therapeutic deism.

Desiring God had a post on gospel advance. In it, the author says, "Not only must the gospel advance in distance, but also in depth." Both are necessary for growth.

Tim Brister had a great post on what a true disciple does. He starts the post this way, "The heart of the Christian mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Every Christian is a disciple called to make disciples. The making and maturing of disciples should be the centerpiece of our lives. However, it seems that, while we adhere to these truths in principle, so often disciple-making eludes us." It order to grow in the area of disciple making, we all must incorporate what Tim is talking about here into our regular lives.

I know if you're a regular reader of these posts, you know this is short. Sorry for that, I have a lot going on. I do hope you see in the new year.

Merry Christmas.

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