Web Slinging 12.16.14

Back again for more, huh? Here's what I've found useful as I've found time to swing around the web: Today's Christian Woman had a great post on singleness. It reads, "The real question I have learned to ask is 'What does it mean to wait well?'" This is a helpful post for anyone who is single and struggles with it. Pastors, this post has the potential to help those in your congregation have a biblical understanding of the topic.

Relevant Magazine had a post on emotions and faith. It says, "Feelings are inconsistent. They’re unreliable. We can’t base our relationship with God on some wavering feeling or connection." This is a good, practical read that most of us need to deal with high, reactionary emotions (... or people who are).

My friend, Cami Donohue gave her testimony and linked it to traditions and the glory of God over on the Small Seed. The post reads, "Perhaps there is no better time to glorify God than during the holiday season when we celebrate Him. But what does glorifying God really mean, and how can we do it in ALL things?"  Parents, pastors read this and be encouraged.

Another friend, Dave Jenkins had a post on Gospel Centered Discipleship on spiritual depression. He wrote in part, "... as we grow in Christ, we may experience seasons in our walk with God where everything in our lives seems to be down in the dumps." He goes on to offer practical help. Read and share this with those who feel this way.

What have you been reading lately? Leave a link in the comment section for me to check out.

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