Tweets of the Week 12.15.14

Here are some of the tweets that caught my attention from the past week:

Don't let the enemy develop apathy in your heart towards Jesus, the Bible, and the Church! Gather with God's people and be a solution!

Pastor: Love your church conspicuously, preach the gospel comprehensively, & trust the Holy Spirit completely.

Married men: part of being a spiritual leader in your household is that you're going to take that first step in saying you're sorry.

Distance deteriorates relationship. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. (James 4:8)

Give God's grace a home in your brokenness

You know hopelessness has set in when: the Bible becomes a relic, prayer is lifeless, & community a bother.

People quit when they don't know who they are responsible to.

Your unfamiliarity with a project should never be a reason to consider it undoable

On Conduct & Theology by: Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Change & What I'm Up to Now

Change & What I'm Up to Now