On Handling Attacks by Martyn Lloyd Jones

Here is Martyn Lloyd Jones answer to handling personal attacks:

With regard to ourselves and our own personal feelings we are to endure anything and everything; we are not to stand for ourselves; we are not to call people liars who attack us in person. But where the truth is concerned, where doctrine is involved, where the whole essence of the gospel comes in, and especially the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are to stand and be strong and we are not to hesitate to use language like this. As regards ourselves, tolerance and charity; let the world despise us and malign and persecute us and say what it will concerning us - we are to go steadily forward, expecting things to happen. But when it becomes a question  of truth which is absolutely vital to salvation and to the glory of God, there must be no compromise and there must be no attempt just to accommodate ourselves to the other person's point of view. (pg. 257)

Taken from Life in Christ by Martyn Lloyd-Jones ©2002 by Bethan Lloyd-Jones published by Crossway

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