Web Slinging 12.2.14

Here are some of the things I've been finding both helpful and encouraging as I've swung around the web: Gospel Centered Discipleship had a post defining what "missional living" is and how it's done. This post gives very practical suggestions on how an individual and "...  the local church can follow Jesus into missional living..." (emphasis added). This is a great reminder for us all.

Joey Cochran had a great post on leadership goo-roos. He writes, "A leader’s character and credibility is measured over time." His questions for potential leaders in his life, or those looking to him for leadership are spot on. Leaders, read this.

David Murray had a post on the Christward Collective blog on ingredients of God's happiness. He wrote, "In our fallen state, we obviously lack the perfect ingredients of perfect happiness, and thus can never expect to attain to it in this world. However, insofar as we grow in wisdom, goodness, holiness, etc., we will also grow in happiness. " We all could use some growth in these areas.

Jon Bloom had a post on Desiring God on the topic of lukewarmness. He wrote in part, "... a gauge of our faithfulness is our level of lukewarmness." Read this and evaluate your heart.

Relevant Magazine had a post on what to do when dream jobs don't come. It reads, "God’s will is not limited to finding ourselves in the correct vocation or career, but rather living out our faith in all areas of life." For those finding themselves in this position, this is a helpful read.

What have you've found on the web that has stuck with you? Leave a comment and a link for me to follow and I'll check it out.

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