Tweets of the Week 12.1.14

Here are the tweets that caught my attention (... and probably are worth some of yours):

No one performs well all the time, looks great all the time, says just the right thing every time, bats 1000. Everyone needs grace.

Your resolve is sometimes strong and sometimes weak, but the activity of God's grace is always strong and reliable.

Persecution is part of the path Jesus has prescribed for us to walk while the reward approaches.

Children don't need to be told to do it better, try harder. The moral code leads to despair. We don't need a moral code. We need a Rescuer.

Avoiding is bad leadership.

Gospel-centeredness has emotional and intellectual inflammations.

It's important to create healthy rhythms for your family. Have morning, evening, weekend, holiday routines. Serve together. Vacations. Etc.

On Christlikeness by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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