Web Slinging 11.26.14

Here are the blog posts I've been reading and thinking about as I've swung around the web this past week. Carey Nieuwhof wrote a post about how to tell if you are an insecure leader. He wrote, "... there was a season where I didn’t really know I was insecure. And with most things leadership, knowledge is power. You can’t address a problem you’re unaware of." He goes on to list 5 signs. If you are in any kind of leadership, this will help you do it better.

Tim Challies had a post about putting sin to death. He writes, "You never commit a big sin without first sliding down a long and slippery slope of little sins." He has 9 practical steps to help do just that. Leaders this is another one for you.

Redeemer's own church planting resident Tom Schmidt wrote a post on how half-hearted commitment to church is devastating. He concludes his post this way, "If you are a professing Christian and are half-hearted in your commitment to the local church, repent and seek out a local church where the Bible is taught and the gospel is proclaimed. Your soul, the local church, and the outside world will all benefit greatly from your act of obedience to God’s Word." This is a helpful post for all the "lone rangers" out there.

Darrin Patrick had a post on prayer. He writes, "When you are more impressed with Jesus’ words than your own, God the Father will hear you." If you struggle in this discipline, this post is for you.

Gospel Centered Discipleship had a post on thankfulness by Stephen Witmer. In it he writes, "... thankfulness is deeper, louder, and more dangerous than we might think." In my life, it's easy to skip this important part of prayer.

Jefferson Bethke put together a video on the subject of why church community matters. It's a great reminder for us all.

What have you found helpful and encouraging on the web? Leave a comment for me to check out.


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