Best Things Heard on the #kidmin / #fammin Quarterly Call with Tedd Tripp

Last week I had the opportunity to take part in a quarterly conference call for kidmin/fammin people. I got invited to participate by my bud Jared Kennedy. Jared had met  Deepak Reju, the guy who is the brains behind this quarterly call. During these calls we talk about things effecting our ministries and try to learn; not only from each other, but from those who are a little farther down the road. This time we had the chance to sit, listen, and learn from Tedd Tripp. Tedd is the author of Shepherding A Child's Heart, a book that has impacted a generation of parents and beyond. Here are some of the best things I heard:

On the topic of discipline

We need to make a distinction between correction and discipline; between being defiant and being childish. Discipline is for defiant disobedience.

When it come to the heart, a child may obey begrudgingly. Correct that behavior without discipline. That's a heart issue, and attitudinal issue not a discipline issue.

On the topic of encouraging parents

Never leave them without hope; it's never too late.

Encourage dads to be intentional.

On the topic of God's sovereignty vs. our responsibility

Parents are to be obedient, not for results but in hope - hope that their children will love God. The Word of God is the power unto salvation. Hope in the power of grace. Hope in the power of the Gospel.

On discipline in the classroom

Correct, never discipline. Obedience is the issue. Correction can be done without confrontation. Confrontation distracts from classroom goals.

On challenges facing this current generation of parents

Technology. I'm shocked and amazed at the extent to which parents give internet capable devices to kids. Parents need wisdom. Parents need to prepare their kids for this technology and teach them how to use it.

There is of course more in my notes, but this is what I found most helpful and useful. I'm encouraged by Tedd Tripp's life and ministry. It's been a blessing to both my family and my church. I'm also thankful for the opportunity to sit in on these quarterly calls.

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