Best Things Heard at PLANT Chicago with Jared Wilson

I attended the PLANT Chicago meeting this past week in which Jared Wilson spoke on the topic of the Gospel and exclusivity. Here are some of the best things I heard:

On going from Gospel content to Gospel culture

In order to be effective evangelists, we need to deal with the, "spiritual, but not religious" attitude of our culture with humility and the substance of "oneness" that comes from Eph. 4:1 - 6:

  • One body/spirit. To reject the church is to reject the gospel which made the church.
  • One Lord. The message of the Bible is that Jesus died and rose again to give us eternal life. The danger is real because cultural idolatry is real.
  • One faith. Justifying faith. This is where Christianity stands or falls.
  • One baptism. This fleshes out faith by singling you out.
  • One God and Father. The only thing that keeps all this going is God.

On why the Gospel is so polarizing

John 10:22-30 reminds us why:

  1. It provokes a responce. Without exclusivity Jesus's death isn't necessary.
  2. It provides security. Sin is always punished. There is no greater security than eternal life in Christ from which I can't be snatched.
  3. It's powerful. Christianity is nothing less than raising the dead. It's power outside of ourselves, in spite of ourselves, based on hearing His voice and following

It was a blessing to hear Jared preach. I only "know" him from his writing and from social media. His book Your Jesus is too Safe was instrumental in a former student's conversion.

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