Here's what I've been reading as I've swung around the web: Dave Kraft had a post about leadership and the heart. In this post he answers the question, "So how does biblically and appropriate strong leadership morph into unbiblical and inappropriately abusive leadership?" Here are strong words not only from a strong leader, but from someone who has experienced it from both sides. Leaders (of any kind) we need to hear these words and take the warning seriously.

Family Ministry Today had a post on the relationship between discipleship and God's glory. Donald Whitney wrote, "From matters as crucial as the death of Jesus, to those as mundane as eating and drinking, the Bible presents the glory of God as the ultimate priority and the definitive criterion by which we should evaluate everything." This is helpful post that reminds all of us, regardless of position, that all of life is worship ... for good or bad.

Dr. James Dobson had a post on 3 principles of authority as they relate to family. He wraps up the post with this, "My point is that human beings at all ages are inclined to test the limits of authority." I don't want steal any more of his thunder, but parents this is a must read.

Desiring God had a post entitled Hospitality, Sacrifice, and Delight in God. In it, author Jen Pollock Michel makes the bold statement, "Our habits become our worship." This is a good read and perspective on this often overlooked discipline.

My friend, Corby Stephens wrote a post on discipleship. In it he says, "Discipleship is the systematic and deliberate process of becoming like Jesus yourself while guiding others to do the same." Both are necessary, but typically at least one is overlooked. This is a very helpful reminder.

Another friend, Dave Jenkins shared some thoughts and resources on meditation. He writes, "While some advocate a kind of meditation in which one empties their mind, Christian meditation involves filling your mind with God and truth." This is another helpful post on something we don't usually do because we don't know how.

Nick Batzig wrote a post for CBMW on the relationship between manhood and the resurrection. He writes, "After all, true manhood is that which is shaped by the biblical idea of wise, loving, and sacrificial spiritual leaders. That means that our deepest need is not merely behavioral—our deepest need is spiritual, something that God must do for us and in us." Men (husbands, dads, pastors) read this, it's helpful in reminding us of our identity in and calling from Christ.

If you've read this far, or if you've every read my "Web Slinging" posts before, you know what's coming. If you've found something on the web that you've found helpful or encouraging, leave me a comment so I can check it out. After all, I can't possibly read everything.

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