Web Slinging 11.11.14

Here is my weekly post of things I've read as I've swung around the web, things I've found that are either helpful, challenging, or encouraging (... and hopefully a little of all 3): Jeff Medders had a post about pastors and writing (in the variety of forms writing takes). He writes, "... we are ministers of the Word with our words." This is a helpful read for anyone who desires to improve the way they use words.

Paul Tripp wrapped up a series on the topic of spiritual dehydration. It reads, "... there is no guarantee that your spiritual dehydration will ever leave or be quenched completely." He goes on to point out how to handle this reality using Psalm 42:8. This is a good resource for any who struggle spiritually (and by that I mean all of us).

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood had a post on making wise decisions. It starts out by saying, "As men, we must begin to cultivate the ability to make good decisions that have long-term effects rather quickly. As leaders we must have the ability to do this well." This is a good read for anyone facing any size decision.

Gloria Furman had a post on her blog on ways to set your heart on heaven. She says, taking her cue from Jonathan Edwards, “Lord, stamp eternity on my eyeballs.” She then dives into his points on how to do that.

Carey Nieuwhof wrote a post on battles leaders lose ... every time. He wrote, "... the more secure you are as a leader, the more likely you are to win these battles by changing your approach to leadership." This is a helpful read (in many ways) for any leader.

The Gospel Coalition had a post on discipleship and authenticity. It reads, "The church’s response must be to pick up the pieces left in the wake of Authenticity’s tidal wave of sadness." This is a problem facing all churches, so the more we recognize it, the more we can move it in a positive direction.

CONFESSION: This post is longer than usual, probably because I felt guilty about "mailing in" last weeks Web Slinging.

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