Tweets of the Week 11.4.14

Here are the tweets that grabbed my attention last week:

Preachers, let's present the gospel today with fresh humility, kingdom kindness, and compassionate boldness

vulnerablity isn't a weakness, it's a strength.

The more you bask in the sovereignty of your God, the more you will be relaxed in the complexity of your life.

When a community (church, family, etc) doesn't just teach grace but develops a gracious culture, the gospel goes from audio to video.

Legalists don't have an appetite for grace. They are addicted to earning approval. Grace is not appealing because there is nothing to earn.

The question is not will God meet you with his grace, but will you recognize it when he does. His grace often comes in uncomfortable forms.

God’s mercy takes pity on our suffering. He moves toward our needs with compassion and follows thru to full recovery.

Something every good pastor wished his people knew—we'd keep preaching the gospel whether or not we were compensated for it.

Web Slinging 11.5.14

Shepherd Leadership (pt. 1) - Exterior Protection