Here are some of the best posts I've read as I've swung around the web this past week. Jen Thorn had a post on on the costs for friendship. She writes, "We tend to use the word “friend” quite carelessly. Any person we have a few conversations with, work with, or “like” on Facebook we call “friend.” This is not necessarily bad, but through it, I believe, we are losing the real meaning of Biblical friendship." Our relationships demands we count the cost and this post helps us do that.

Ryan Huguley had a post on serving. He says, "God doesn’t just want your obedience, He wants your heart. Righteousness is obeying God’s will God’s way." This is good read for leaders, for those that serve (as if those are mutually exclusive), for us all.

Sam Luce had a post on what kids need to know about sin. He says, "It is vital that our kids have an understanding from a young age that they are not “basically good” but “irreparably flawed” that we are incapable of self salvation. We need God’s Grace. This only happens by seeing ourselves as we truly are, great sinners and Christ as he truly is, a great savior." Parents,  children ministry leaders and teachers, this one is for you.

My friend, Matt Guevara had a great post on kids and communion. He offers helpful and practical insights for both pastors and parents.

And finally ...

David Mathis had a post on Desiring God about how hard it is to wait. He writes, "Whether it’s simply spare moments or seemingly endless days, waiting is no waste in God’s economy." This is an area where many struggle and David gives practical advice.

What have you been reading around the web? Leave me a comment and I'll check it out.



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JC Ryle on Perseverance and Faith