Tweets of the Week 10.27.14

Here are the tweets that I saw from last week that caught my attention:

Having a godly marriage isn't as much about finding the right person as becoming the right person.

Don't waste a perfectly good disappointment on self-pity, blame, or shame. Jesus will meet you there

Be gentle with others. Everyone you meet is bound to be hurting in some way.

Secularism makes you selfish. Religion makes you tribal. The gospel makes you sacrificial.

Faithful gospel ministry demands courage. We obtain courage through the Holy Spirit.

Weakness is a fundamental condition of what it means to be a creature, sinner, & sufferer. – David Powlison

Daily habits and patterns are what make up most of life.

Leaders utilize simplicity, accuracy, imagery, and relevance when communicating and connecting with others.

JC Ryle on Perseverance and Faith

JC Ryle on Perseverance and Faith

How Theology Leads to Joy