Here's what I've been reading as I've swung around the web. I hope you find them as helpful and/or encouraging as I did. had a great post about youth ministry as a elective. It reads, "A student who chooses youth group simply as an elective and misses out on these memory-making events will naturally feel on the outs, and once they feel on the outs there is little incentive for them to commit." While I don't think "forcing" or "requiring" students to attend is helpful, encouraging them to see the benefits and costs certainly is. Parents, youth leaders this is well worth your time considering.

My friend, Dave Jenkins, had a post on Servant of Grace on ways men fight for purity. He writes, "The fight for sexual purity is spiritual battle between a vanquished foe named Satan, and a victorious, triumphant, and exalted Savior in Jesus Christ." Men, we need to remember we are at war, always. Be prepared.

Sam Luce had a great post on the simplifying vs. distilling truth. He says, "When we distill truth we take away the confusing non-essentials and leave the powerful core of the truth that Jesus taught in a way a child would understand." He goes on to give practical suggestions on how to do this. Parents, children's ministry workers, this is an extremely helpful read.

Kirsten Giles had a post on prayers for parents to pray over their kids. She writes, "God’s Word is ripe with instructions and prayers that we can utilize in our efforts to encourage our children as we petition our Faithful Father in prayer." This is helpful for parents who feel the pressure of being and parent, those parents who feel they sometimes lack patience, and those who work with kids.

Michael Bayne had a great post on his blog about mistakes pastors make. He actually says "Family" pastor, but in my opinion, the post applies to all pastors. He writes, "Every mistake I made is just a chance for me to help another leader avoid that same trap so why not share what I have learned." Pastors, read this and learn from this bother.

Jason Helopoulos had a post on The Christward Collective blog about pain in marriage. He writes, "When two sinners are in a relationship as intimate as marriage, there is bound to be some measure of hurt." If you are married, soon will be, or ever hope to be ... this post is for you.

What have you been reading online that I've missed? Leave me a comment and I'll check it out.

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