Tweets of the Week 10.14.14

Here are the tweets from last week that caught my attention:

Christian, work to learn the gospel so thoroughly that we can clearly summarize it in 60 seconds & simply explain it in an hour.

After the costume of hypocrisy comes off, sinners who come alive in Christ are clothed in His righteousness.

Jesus' rhythm: time alone w/ the Father, time w/ disciples/friends, time w/ the crowds/new people. A good rhythm for pastors.

Too many people in the church claim to be spiritually mature but can only answer theological questions. Knowledge does not mean maturity.

3 ways to do conflict today: Peace-making, Pleace-breaking, or Peace-faking. Let's choose wisely

Closeness with God is not a feeling, but instead a matter of obedience.

Authentic love has the courage to do the hard things love requires.

There is more for us in Christ than we have yet seen. Let's stay open, eager, ready. He visits the childlike.

A Lesson in Friendship and Generosity

The Importance of Weakness (pt. 4)

The Importance of Weakness (pt. 4)