Idolatry in Marital Conflict

I'm reading the book Catching Foxes (don't let the title fool you) by John Henderson. It claims to be a pre-marital book, it is not. It is a book on the entirety of marriage, from before it begins and progressing forward.  Here is the most resent quote (and there have been many) I've read that rocked my world:

The kind of desiring that would provoke quarreling and fighting among the people of God is a kind of desiring that involves a deep love for the world and its things. It is, therefore, spiritual adultery. Being bitter and angry when our personal goals are thwarted is "hatred toward God." It is choosing friendship with the world. It is choosing to be an enemy of God. (pg. 134)

Quote taken from Catching Foxes by John Henderson ©2011 by the Association of Biblical Counselors.

The Importance of Weakness (pt. 4)

The Importance of Weakness (pt. 4)

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