Here's my weekly(ish) list of things I've found helpful as I swing around the web. I hope these strengthen and/or encourage you as much as they have me: David Murray had a post on his blog about what an elder should be doing. He bases his checklist on David Dickson's book The Elder and his Work. If you are an elder or will soon become one, this post is an extremely helpful reminder of your calling. Murray also has provides a link to a Word/PDF document that breaks it all down.

Redeemer's own church planting resident Tom Schmidt, had a post on his blog about suffering in the suburbs. He writes, "In this time waiting for Christ to return we will face suffering as Christians." ... even in the suburbs. This is a good reminder for all believers who currently live in the West.

Matthew Sims had a post over on Servants of Grace about family worship. He says, "Don’t lose heart parents. The gospel is powerful and saves but you have to apply it to the wound consistently." Parents, this one's for you, check it out.

And finally, Chris Land had a post on godly sorrow. It reads, "A godly man's sorrow has three qualifications: ..." , if I put any more, you wouldn't go read it. Godly sorrow leads to true repentance.

What have you been reading online and found helpful? I'm always looks for good resources. Leave a comment and I'll check it out.

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