Tweets of the Week 10.2.14

Here are the tweets that caught my attention over the last week:

Humility is not achieved it’s received. It's given in gazing into the gospel and lingering at foot of Christ's Cross.

Expect progress, not perfection.

Fear has killed more dreams than failure ever will.

Boys blame, Men own. Boys wish, Men do. Boys start, Men finish. Boys stiffen their neck, Men bend their knees.

A leader who’s not a listener and learner is destined for failure.

The essence of our faith is waiting. The basic posture of God's children is to wait.

You don't have to add discipleship into your calendar, just integrate it into the rhythm of your life.

The Importance of Weakness (pt. 3)

The Importance of Weakness (pt. 3)

Web Slinging 9.29.14