Web Slinging 9.22.14

Here is what I've been reading from around the web this past week: Desiring God had a post about the importance of waiting. It reads, " “Later” is God turning up the emotional volume knob to reveal what’s in the heart." In a culture that hates to wait ... for anything ... this is wise counsel. Check it out.

The Gospel Coalition had a post about what God calls pastors (... and all believers) to. It reads " ... God is calling you simply to be faithful. He is calling you to be faithful in feeding and leading his flock. Remember, it is his flock. It is his kingdom, not yours. You have been called to build it, by his grace, faithfully" This is a great reminder for anyone one involved in any ministry what the goal is.

My friend, Chris Poblete,  had a post on CBMW on biblical friendship (... & no the irony isn't lost on me). He wrote, "As Christian men, God has called us to engage in relationships forged at a much deeper level: a shared salvation in Jesus Christ." Men, we need these types of friendships in our lives.

Paul Tripp had an excellent post on what to do when others are suffering in the midst of our suffering. He says, " ...I want to talk about one of the last things we think about in the midst of suffering - ministering to those around us." It's not typically how we want to respond, but it is the godly way to respond.

Hope these help and encourage you. What have you been reading that I have missed? Leave a comment for me to check out.

Tweets of the Week 9.23.14

The Importance of Weakness (pt. 1)

The Importance of Weakness (pt. 1)