Best Quotes from Show Them Jesus by Klumpenhower

There was a flurry of books I've finished in the last week, this is another one. Show Them Jesus is an excellent resource for parents and Children's Ministry leaders alike. I HIGHLY recommend it, and here's why: "... we must faithfully show kids, at every opportunity, how Jesus is that much better. We must also believe it ourselves, so that our lives among these kids confer Jesus's power to change sinners." (pg. 4)

"... the most powerful way to handle every sin is the life of the church is to apply a deeper understanding of the cross of Christ." (pg. 15)

"Good teaching is personal." (pg. 19)

"God designed the cross to shock absolutely everyone ... One test you're teaching the true good news is that you personally had to struggle with its insult." (pg. 26)

"The good news heals, and then it empowers." (pg. 31

"Church kids come in one of two types - saved and unsaved. Both types desperately need to see Jesus." (pg. 43)

"We grow in the same way we became Christians - rooted in Jesus, with our hope in the good news." (pg. 49)

"Joyless pretending is dangerous to kids ... We must go after the heart. (pg. 66)

"... good news beats good behavior." (pg. 76)

"We must be honest about the ugliness of sin. We must teach kids not to rely on willpower by to have faith in God. And we must unpack and parade before them the splendor of Jesus, the crucified and risen Christ." (pg. 92)

"... a Bible teacher must know the Bible. There's no getting around this. If you first learned Bible stories in isolated pieces, you must learn how they fit together. The best method is just to read the Bible." (pg. 117)

"... tell the story and continue all the way to the good news." (pg. 119)

"We forget that life with Jesus isn't first about what we do for him - it's about Jesus himself and how's he's our Savior." (pg. 126)

"I Jesus, God's absolute authority and his utter love come together - and the result is 'Wow!' " (pg. 139)

"... kids learn more from what we do that from what we say ... they learn more from what we say in our unplanned, unscripted moments than from our prepared lessons." (pg. 142)

"A good-news environment requires the teacher to model repentance." (pg. 150)

"... the good news never becomes old news." (pg. 158)

"Jesus calls his people to love-based life together." (pg. 163)

"Failure to believe in Jesus is the deepest level of sin." (pg. 171)

"God designed prayer to remind us how righteous we are in Christ, not what failures we are." (pg. 183)

"The real struggle is not figuring out when and where and how to pray. It's wanting to pray." (pg. 188)

"But growth as a Christian is not about getting to a point where we stop sinning so much and do better on our own. It's more about learning to depend on Jesus consistently, increasing in faith, and trusting him in our weakness. We need to teach the good news not just to our students but first to our own hearts." (pg. 194)

"We never lose the need to stay connected to Jesus." (pg. 198)

I can't think of a better or more appropriate way to wrap this up than that.

All quotes taken from Show Them Jesus by Jack Klumpenhower ©2014. Published by New Growth Press.

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