Best Quotes from Transformational Discipleship by Geiger/Kelly/Nation

I finished reading Transformational Discipleship by Eric Geiger, Michael Kelly, and Philip Nation last week. It's a excellent read, really helpful for those of us who are more interested in people being transformed rather than just informed. Here are a few of my favorite quotes: "... everyone everywhere is a disciple of someone. Or something." (pg. 7)

"Discipleship apart from Jesus may be many things, but it is not transformational." (pg. 9)

"There is a discipleship deficiency in most churches resulting in a lack of transformation." (pg. 16)

"The end result of discipleship is not merely the knowledge of all Jesus commanded by the obedience to all Jesus commanded." (pg. 18)

"The distinguishing mark of Christian discipleship is a transformed heart, transformed affections. When someone becomes a true disciple, Christ radically changes the person's appetite." (pg. 29)

"Our hearts are not pure in need of protection; they are wicked in need of transformation." (pg. 33)

"Real faith and real transformation are accompanied by real action. Though transformation occurs in the heart, it is validated by obedience." (pg. 42)

"Idols always ruin us, always ruin the people under our spiritual care. This is why we must continually point people to the attractiveness of Christ so that they realize He is so much greater than the gods of this world." (pg. 52)

"Only God is enough. Only God delivers on joy." (pg. 54)

"... transformation does not occur apart from the truth of God." (pg. 67)

"Instead of approaching discipleship as something beyond the gospel, apply the gospel to every area of life." (pg. 84)

"Worship is the most appropriate response to the gospel." (pg. 86)

"Transformational discipleship results in transformed living by believers who understand and live their new God-given identity." (pg. 95)

"... prioritizing God's authority will lead to growth." (pg. 110)

"Intentionality is needed to remain intimately related to Christ." (pg. 117)

"Apart from grace-assisted effort, we are helpless to experience transformation." (pg. 119)

"God works in our weakness, pain, and vulnerability. Transformation often occurs when the truth of God is applied to a person in a humble position." (pg. 131)

"Exercising faith is an attribute of transformational discipleship necessary to grow in spite of suffering." (pg. 135)

"When we realize that we are utterly helpless without His grace and power in our lives, we are in a vulnerable posture that welcomes His transformation." (pg. 141-142)

"Throughout the biblical narrative, community is emphasized and commanded; it is never presented as optional." (pg. 160)

"Christian community is supernatural but not always spectacular." (pg. 166)

"A disciple of Jesus, then, is someone who walks with his or her head on a swivel, constantly looking for these opportunities to push back darkness and let in the light." (pg. 181)

"If you want an outwardly focused life, then look to Jesus again and again." (pg. 187)

"... facing outward isn't only the effect of discipleship; it's also the means of discipleship." (pg. 196)

"To lead well, you must love naturally. As Jesus did." (pg. 209)

"... the most formative parts of your life - the ones that fashion real character and dependence and faith and perseverance - are often the most difficult." (pg. 214)

"The best way to move people into leadership is to move them into leadership." (pg. 216)

"Many times the best way of learning is to be doing." (pg. 217)

"Transformation is stalled when we grow calloused to His love by moving out of a vulnerable posture and into a position of self-dependence." (pg. 220)

All quotes taken from Transformational Discipleship by Eric Geiger, Michael Kelly, and Philip Nation ©2012 by B & H Publishing.

If you are small/community group leader, and you want your group to experience transformation, you need this book.

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