Web Slinging 9.4.14

Here's a list of what I've been reading as I've swung around the web the last 2 weeks: Jeff Medders had a post on his blog reminding men it's ok to be gentle. He writes, "A man that is gentle, is one that has been smashed by the gospel." As a husband, dad, and pastor I need to be reminded of this often.

Timothy Paul Jones posted a video he did for D6 that discusses parents and their vision for their children. It's a great reminder for parents.

Redeemer Fellowship's own intern, Joey Cochran got himself published on Christianity.com with a post about godly parenting and its link to affection. He says, "Heaping affection has a much richer aim. That aim is to prepare them for God’s love.." More good stuff from Joey (... no wonder we like having him around here.)

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood had a great post listing the myths of lust. This is a great post for those feeling defeated by this.

Tim Challies had a great post for those seeking a new Bible study method. He says, "The Swedish Method is one super-simple way to read the Bible with others, and may be especially effective for reading with small groups of teens or with individual new Christians." It looks helpful for people like me that just need to mix things up every once and while to avoid the rut of routine.

Huffington Post had a great post of questions to ask your kids to find out how school was. It reads, "They aren't perfect, but I do at least get complete sentences, and some have led to some interesting conversations... and hilarious answers... and some insights into how my kids think and feel about school." This is good parenting.

Tim Elmore had a great post on changes he'd make if he could parent over. I'd quote it here, but there's too much good stuff to choose from, go and read it.

What have you been reading that I missed? Leave a comment for me to check out.

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