Best Quotes From Proof by Montgomery / Jones

Confession : I guilted my friend, Jared Kennedy, into snagging me a free copy of the book  Proof  by Daniel Montgomery and Timothy Paul Jones. Not only did did Jared come through for me, it was signed and had a personalized note from Daniel. Thanks Jared, for being such a good friend to a such a cheapskate like me. This book is well worth your time. Here are a some examples of why:

"From beginning to end, everything in your salvation, even your faith, has been a gift God single-handedly planned and secured." (pg. 16)

"When God makes a plan, he can always pay the price and he never lacks the power to make it happen." (pg. 30)

"Paul unpacked planned grace in three parts: the Father's plan to love us, the Son's work to rescue us, and the Spirit's guarantee that we will inherit all that God has planned for us." (pg. 30)

"Apart from God's single-handed gift of resurrecting grace, no human being will ever seek God because a death-defeating King who demands that we find our greatest joy in our Father's fame is repulsive to the spiritually dead." (pg. 51)

"Whenever God turns dead sinners into living servants, newly reborn rebels lay down their weapons at the feet of King Jesus." (pg. 61)

"God's choice to save us had nothing to do with anything that you have done or will do." (pg. 70)

"Outrageous grace isn't a favor you can receive by being good; it's the gift you receive by being God's" (pg. 83)

"Through this overcoming grace, God changes his chosen people one by one so that they abandon their rebellion, long for holiness, and freely surrender to Jesus." (pg. 89)

"Through overcoming grace, God unshackles us from the enslaving contagion of sin so that we glimpse the overwhelming beauty of Jesus and his kingdom." (pg. 91)

"The grace that transforms us places us in a community that together overcomes." (pg. 102)

"Forever grace means that God preserves us in his grace and that we persevere by the same grace." (pg. 111)

"In preservation, God places His Spirit within you and guarantees your salvation. In perseverance, God transforms you and works through you so that you grow in holiness and never let go." (pg. 113)

"Grace sets people free ... Grace gives rest and peace." (pg. 143)

All quotes taken from Proof by Daniel Montgomery and Timothy Paul Jones ©2014 by Zondervan.

This book makes "calvinism" understandable. Check it out!

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