Best Quotes From Recovering Redemption By Chandler / Snetzer

I recently finished reading Recovering Redemption by Matt Chandler and Michael Snetzer. I picked up this book at T4G in the spring (... yes, I "recently finished" it, don't judge me!) Here are some of my favorite quotes: "You are pretty sure that being a Christian was supposed to change you - and it has. Some. But man, there's still so much more that needs changing. Drastic things. Daily things." (pg. 3)

"Whenever we feel the absence of peace - whenever our unmet longings for joy expresses itself as anxiety, or depression, or fear, or anger, or enslavement to any number of defeating sin patterns or addictions - the emptiness we're feeling and trying to fill is for what our relationship with God, by His loving choice, was always meant to be." (pg. 15)

"In reality, it's bad little boys and girls transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ who go to heaven - those whose sins are covered by His redeeming work, who love Him so much because of it, they live to flesh out these new desires He's placed within them as a way of expressing their willing worship." (pg. 36)

"The reason why we study His Word, why we attack our sin, why we share generously from our resources, and why we serve people around us is not to persuade Him to love us. We do these things because He already does love us ... and because He wants us to dig even deeper into the treasury of His blessing, in to the joy and the sweetness and abundant living His gospel unlocks for us." (pg. 57)

"But sin can't be trained; sin must be killed." (pg. 71)

"A lot of times, the reason we struggle to feel and receive the love of God - to see ourselves as His beloved, adopted children - is because we're not pursuing in our everyday lives those things His Word describes as being valuable and significant. We're not showing respect or esteem for those qualities that would cause us to reflect the character of Christ, that give us family resemblance." (pg.91)

"... one of the most beautiful ways His power and presence operates in us - sanctifying us - is throughout the living, breathing friendship of those brothers and sisters who know exactly who we are, what we struggle with, where we've failed, and how we sometimes still tremble before our old fears and bad habits." (pg. 111)

"What you're feeling, even as a Christian, when you cross the lines and boundaries that your good and loving God has put into place for your protection, is true guilt. It's really there. But by the underlying nature of His covenant love, He continues to patiently work with us through our weakness and fallenness, urging godly repentance from our hearts, and thereby short-circuiting the other sinful spinoffs that piggyback onto the guilt of repeated failures." (pg. 128)

"The gospel of Jesus Christ is still the one reassuring answer to your antsy heart." (pg. 135)

"The struggle to trust Him means He's put new desires in your heart." (pg. 155)

"Rather than becoming an expert in other people's sin while staying ignorant of our own, rather than working to make sure we get the better end of the deal without tarnishing our reputations, we'll take our offenses seriously and concern ourselves with magnifying God's character through our lives rather then fighting  to preserve our pretend dignity." (pg. 165-166)

"One of the marks of Christian maturity is a willingness to absorb and forgive any ugliness or injustice that's tossed in our direction, and to let our desire for retaliation or rebuttal fall peaceably to the ground." (pg. 177)

"Because whether you want to believe this or not, whether you'd accept it or not, whether it squares with what you've always thought or not, the truth is - and it's nearly the only thing the Bible ultimately talks about: man's greatest joy is in Jesus." (pg. 194)

All quotes taken from Recovering Redemption by Matt Chandler and Michael Snetzer ©2014 by The Village Church published by B & H Publishing Group.

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