Tweets of the Week 8.26.14

Here's the weekly(ish) list of tweets that I happened to see that caught my attention:

I am blind if I don't see that the same mistakes I am afraid for the church to make live in me too.

Love Christ. Shepherd those whom you love toward the Christ whom you love. That is the greatest expression of love...for both.

It takes real faith to praise God, when you cannot see outcome of your situation.

When God calls us to do something for Him, doubting our abilities is really a cover-up for doubting His power. He is God. He will do it.

Gentleman, today try to be the kind of husband you pray your daughter will marry.

Jesus makes us joyful prisoners of hope by rescuing us from the empty promises of hype.

There is nothing about God's grace in Jesus that lacks whatever we might need in order to rest confidently in him.

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