Here's what I've been reading from around the web recently. Paul Tripp had a great post on community. He writes, "God ordained Christian community precisely because I can’t face life on my own." It's a great reminder for all of us, go check out his reasoning.

Jen Thorn had a great post over on For the Family about family discipleship. She reminds parents, "Our little sheep must be led and fed. This is our calling and privilege." She gives some really practical advice as well as encouragement.

David Murray had a great post on steps to help seekers find the Lord. It's a good list and well worth your consideration.

Gospel-Centered Discipleship had a great blog post on the importance of accountability in community. It starts out strong, "We are commanded to grow in our faith and to look more Christlike as time goes on. However, this command was never meant to be something we just did by ourselves." ... and it only gets better from there.

Faithit had a post about traits of youth who don't leave the church. The answer the question, "What is it that sets apart kids who stay in the church." Parents, this one is for you.

Relavant Magazine had a great post that lists the need of strong community. It reads, "... community isn’t always as natural as we think it is."


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