Tweets of the Week 8.19.14

Here are some of the tweets that either made me think or ministered to me from last couple of weeks:

Don’t resist wisdom from God through people with whom you disagree.

In leadership we try to determine how best to lead people. In spiritual leadership we determine best how to serve people.

the assessment of actions is wise. the assumption of motives is sin. keep that your categories straight.

Where there is delight in God's will, there will be devotion to .

To lead well we must serve well, both through our example and sacrifice.

Beautiful things grow in the soil of teachability.

Pursue your kids with time, affirmation, peaceful & purposeful home life, & Biblical truth.

Leadership is often more about what you stop than what you start.

To fully form disciples, you can't primarily do it one on one or away from the mission field

Integrity carries more weight than your gifting.

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.

The key to spiritual growth and strength is knowledge and practice of the Word of God.

Web Slinging 8.21.14

Preaching Dad's Funeral