Tweets of the Week 7.29.14

Here are the tweets that I saw last week that stopped and made me think. @D6Family: "Kids cry out for leadership. It's called parenting". Ron Hunter #d6family #fammin

@BurkParsons: In heaven I look forward to hearing everyone tell the story of God's grace in their lives, while listening to Jesus fill in all the gaps.

@JustinBuzzard: Humility is attractive.

@PaulTripp: Start your day thinking about the glory of your Redeemer and the wonder of his grace and then let your heart rest.

@ScottyWardSmith: Any gospel that doesn't have the power to sanctify us doesn't have the authority to justify us

@Nick_Batzig: Being sinfully mean, harsh and angry in your demeanor while presenting truth never helped bring anyone to Jesus.

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