Tweets of the Week 7.22.14

Here are the tweets that I had to stop, and let sink in:

Without a knowledge of our extreme sin, payment of the cross seems trivial and does not electrify or transform.

Ministers may expect more suffering than others, that they may learn sympathy ... , and be fitting shepherds of an ailing flock. Spurgeon

If the Spirit who led Jesus into the wilderness is in you, you shouldn't be surprised when He leads you into & thru difficult days.

Selfishness is the great looming enemy of love. Love is the great engine of life, godliness, joy and mission.

simple obedience > more knowledge

Most people love the idea of change, as long as it doesn't require them to change.

Out "kind" your critics. "Love never fails." 1 Cor. 13:8

Amazed with Jesus?

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