Here are the things I've been reading online this week. The Gospel Coalition had a post about Bible promises for parents. It reads, "My kids need Bible promises, but on most days I need them even more. I’m prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I want them to love." The beauty of this post is it's not just about parenting, it's about living out gospel realities in real life. Check it out. Thanks for the reminder Kevin DeYoung.

The Desiring God blog had a post about how we sometimes pervert the grace of God. Here's a quote, "The letter of Jude is relevant for every sinful heart, intended to correct and train all of us, even those of us who most deeply know the true grace of God in all its justifying, sanctifying, and glorifying power. Jude convicts us all, and that’s a good thing." This conviction we all need. Thanks David Mathis.

Craig Jutila had a great post that pitted multitasking vs. mindfulness. He defines multitasking as, "... engaging in two or more activities at the same time.", and mindfulness as, "... the ability to be fully present in the moment with whatever or whomever is in front of us right now." This is a great read for those of us (and by that I mean all of us) who strive to be productive.

Andy Johnson had a post on his blog on counseling kids about salvation. It's a helpful read that parents and pastors would be encouraged by.

I hope you find these helpful. What have you been reading online lately that I missed? Leave a comment and I'll check it out.

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