Web Slinging 7.3.14

As I swing around the world wide web, here are the things that caught my attention. This could easily be called the "community edition" of Web Slinging. Our own (church planting resident) Tom Schmidt, had a post that both encourages and exhorts those in christian community. I'd quote him, but then you wouldn't go read it. This is good stuff for pastors as well as community group (small group) leaders.

Darrin Patrick had a great post on the barriers to community. He writes, "We're hurt in relationship, but we're also healed in relationship." Leaders of community would be helped by reading this and addressing this in their groups.

Jared Kennedy continued his series addressing the issue of kids in community group. He says, "... hiring a sitter or turning to Pixar doesn’t translate  into an intentional time of kids learning the Bible, hearing the gospel, or developing meaningful relationships." 

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