3 Ways to Prepare for Pain

Hey parents, hey pastors:

How do you prepare people you love and shepherd for pain?

In their book, Transformational Discipleship, Eric Geiger, Michael Kelly, and Philip Nation remind readers that it is the responsibility of leaders to remind those they lead of the reality of pain and need of weakness in our walk through this world. They write that we prepare those we love for pain by:

... (1) teaching the truth of living in a fallen world ravaged with the effects of sin, (2) the hope of the future when everything is made right, and (3) the reality that God lovingly uses pain to purify and mature His people. (pg.153) (Numbers added.)

So leaders? So parents? So pastors? So believer? How are you doing? Pain and struggle aren't to be avoided at all costs, but embraced for growth and maturity. Are we weak and relying on God's timing and provision; or are we trying to solve our problems on our own? Our struggles and pain are an opportunity to exercise our faith and grow it. In trying to avoid pain and suffering it's possible to miss out on what God is trying to do. Believe it is for His glory and your ultimate good.

(Quote taken from Transformation Discipleship by Eric Geiger, Michael Kelly, and Philip Nation ©2012 by B&H Publishing group)

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