Here are some things I've been reading as I've swung around the web that might just stimulate some thoughts this weekend. Sam Luce had a great post up a while ago about the importance of the supremacy of Christ as it relates to marriage and family. He says, "Every problem is a relational problem -  Paul was addressing families coming out of a pagan culture – He understood that we are shaped by our family more than anything else – Paul is trying to help us see what a family looks like where Christ is supreme." Couples (and parents) would benefit from Sam's wisdom.

David Kraft had a post on the 7 "be's" of leadership. He writes, "... you want to BE all you can be for Jesus by serving him well and leading people well." Leaders (of any kind) we need these reminders.

LifeWay had a great post on kids and appropriate tech use. It says, "But how much “screen time” is too much? Here are a few simple tips to help you teach your children to use an appropriate amount of technology:" (like I'm going to spoil it for you or steal their thunder). Parents, this is helpful.

And finally ...

My friend Jared Kennedy (yes, I am name dropping) is starting a series on Kids and community groups. He writes, "... I’m going to post some tips for incorporating kids into community life." This series is something churches should be wrestling with.

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