Tweets of the Week 6.17.14

Here are the most recent batch of tweets that caught my attention:

Two things happen when you don't practice Sabbath. First, we burn out. Second, we burn out for the wrong reasons.

Reconciliation isn't always possible, but forgiving always is.

The irony of the gospel is that the only way to be worthy of it is to admit you're completely unworthy of it.

If your god needs to be defended, then your god is too small.

Focus less on what is missing/wrong, and more on what is there/right. There is much to give thanks for today.

In the absence of real leadership, the void will be filled by pragmatism, dogmatism, or pessimism.

Parenting is easy until you have kids.

Helplessness & Transformation

3 Causes of Believers Drifting Away From Jesus