Book Review: Make Mature Multiply

I was given an advance PDF copy of Make Mature Multiply edited by Brandon D. Smith by the good people over at Gospel Centered Discipleship. I enjoy their blog, link to it often and desired to help them get the word out about this book. ADMISSION - I have not read the whole book. I have read a couple chapters from each of the books 3 main sections. I have to admit, I'm very impressed with what I have read and plan on reading the entire book.

What I liked:

This book approached discipleship differently than most books on the topic do. "Discipleship" is such a huge and sweeping topic that it's hard to deal with in it's entirety. Just like the name implies, the book is broken down into 3 sections: make, mature, and multiply. It's easy for the reader to jump around and deal with specific topics and challenges.

I also like the fact that the chapters were short and concise. The contributors did a fantastic job of sticking to their subject matter. As the reader, I left the chapters I read challenged as well as encouraged.

What I didn't like:

I'm personally not a fan of books by a collaboration of writers. I find it harder to follow the train of thought throughout the book. With different writing styles and personalities, I've found most books written this way ... choppy. I barely got used to how a chapter was being written,  when it ended and I was off to the next one.


Family worship is a tool, and if the parents are tethered to the gospel, it can be a wonderful discipleship tool in the home. However, if this tool is not used wisely, it can become a joyless burden to the children. Discernment is required. (pg. 90-91)

We are to teach our children to know the gospel, believe the gospel, and obey the gospel. (pg. 97-98)

... the first step toward gospel sanity, shaking off the delusions of sin, and returning to the grandeur of grace. (pg. 121)

In repentance, we have the obligation to going before the most offended party and acknowledging our guilt without excuse. If repentance isn’t God-centered, we can give him a token apology while avoiding facing the depth of our sin.  (pg. 160)

 A gospel-centered life will always involve the company of the gospel, the redeemed saints of God.  (pg. 284)

The more families are apart, the more false doctrine and false teachers may slyly slink into the family and corrupt convictions. This could slay souls. (pg. 314)


I look forward to finishing this book. I need it. Parents need it. Pastors need it. Those involved in the care of souls of others need it. This is a valuable resource. I recommend picking it up and getting extra to give away.



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