Tweets of the Week 6.10.14

Here are the tweets from last week that caught my attention: @MarkDever: You'll never scare God with the truth.

@scottsauls: Joy and cynicism. Both are contagious. Everyone infects the world with one or the other.

@SteevInge: Jesus makes my brokenness beautiful.

@darrinpatrick: Grateful God chose to love me apart from my spiritual performance so I can love people apart from their spiritual performance.

@da_horton: Christian men, we can take a day off from living as Biblical Men when sin calls in sick!

@mrmedders: The sovereignty of God & the sufficiency of Scripture empowers a lack-luster & inexperienced pastor to do and proclaim supernatural things.

@Krafto: Community that does not result in mission is not truly Christian community~Eric Geiger

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