Defining Success in Ministry

I will never be:

the most popular,

considered cool.

I may never be:

a prolific speaker,

a dynamic leader,

a published author,

considered "successful".

I may never have:

a huge church,

an impact beyond my local context

... and I'm ok with that.


Because I understand (at least in part) the one thing I have going for me, the only thing that got me to where I am now: faithfulness.

We are all called to different things, different ministries, different roles. Faithfulness is the only standard of measure that levels the playing field. Being faithful to what God has called you to, where He has called you, for the season of time that He determines is what will determine your success.

We see this clearly in Scripture in several places. We see in Matthew 25:14-30 as Jesus teaches on the parable of the talents, as well as Mark 4:9. At the very least (and among other things) passages like these teach us that God blesses faithfulness not "success". This is because the results are ultimately up to Him.

This doesn't mean that God is done with me or I'm done growing. It also doesn't mean that some of the goals listed above are bad or shouldn't be pursued, only that they can't be our primary motivation. When we let our selfish ambition get in the way, we're letting our will drive us, not His (Matthew 26:39, 42).

Are you willing to work and work hard? Are you willing to labor in obscurity if that's what God has for you? Are you willing to be lesser so Jesus can be greater.

Are you willing to serve, sacrificially? Are you willing to serve when it's really hard? Are you willing to serve when things don't go according to your plan?

Are you faithful with the message? Do you preach it to yourself before you teach it to others? Are you practicing the same faithfulness you are calling others to? Does your practice line up with your preaching? Are you growing?

Bottom line - are you faithful?

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