Here's what I've found helpful as I swung around the web: Mars Hill Church at a great post on the importance of transparency within community. It reads, "... in order to see another believer in Christ as a support beam, I needed to kick the part of me down that was trying to hold it all together by myself." This is  good reminder for all of us. We need each other.

The Gospel Coalition had a post on preparing youth to handle hostility. This post is part of a series they are working on. Here's a quote, "So how do we equip youth to understand and engage their world with the beauty and credibility of the gospel of Jesus Christ given this increasingly polarized culture?" The author then gives 5 suggestions.

Children's Ministry Online had a post on the topic of failing as a parent. Kenny Conley writes, "When you see another family experience failure, realize that they too are in process and perhaps they are right in the middle of the greater story of grace and redemption that God is writing in them." If you are a parent, this article is for you.

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