The 3 Lenses of Gospel Transformation

In their book Transformational Discipleship, Eric Geiger, Michael Kelley, and Philip Nation spend the first main section of the book discussing the three lenses leaders need see truth through in order to bring about true and lasting transformation. They are:

The Gospel

People are transformed as they encounter the gospel again and again. Leaders must view discipleship through the lens of the gospel and help their people constantly preach the gospel to themselves. (pg. 67)


The Scripture challenges believers to pursue God, to train themselves for godliness. (pg. 67)

New Identity

Leaders must help people embrace the truth of their new identity. (pg. 68)

The authors then spend the next 3 chapters digging deep into each lens.

Quotes taken from Transformational Discipleship by Eric Geiger, Michael Kelly, and Philip Nation ©2012 by B&H Publishing group

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