Different Kinds of Discipleship

There are different kinds of discipleship. Some are better than others. Some are just dangerous. Let me explain with these 3 quotes:

Defensive discipleship plays not to lose the hearts of people to the world because defensive discipleship believes the hearts of people are pure. Consequently defensive discipleship focuses primarily on protecting people from influences in the world, from anything that could corrupt the perceived purity of the heart. (pg. 32) (emphasis added)

Our hearts are not pure in need of protection; they are wicked in need of transformation. (pg. 33)

Offensive discipleship is different. It seeks primarily not to protect people from the world but to empower believers to overcome the world. Offensive discipleship understands the power of the gospel, trusts the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit, and knows that if Jesus brings His transformation, obedience will be the joyful result. (pg. 33) (emphasis added)

Quotes taken from Transformational Discipleship by Eric Geiger, Michael Kelly, and Philip Nation © 2012 by B&H Publishing and LifeWay Reserach.

Pastors, leaders - be bold in your proclamation of the gospel. It's the only thing that has the power to transform!

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