Tweets of the Week 5.13.14

Yes, I know. I missed last week. Sorry, other things came up. Welcome to my sometimes chaotic, disoriented life. But here is what I've found helpful on Twitter the last couple of weeks:

There is no such thing as grace given that is unhelpful or unneeded.

Repentance doesn't just say "Stop sinning" but "Return to God. Rebuild your life within the nearness of God." Hosea 14:1

Marriage doesn't destroy love. If love isn't nurtured, it will die a natural death.

A good theologian doesn't just have lots of accurate biblical and theological data; he also has wisdom to know when and how to use it.

Who and what inspires you will form your character

You want to be relevant? Preach the gospel, deny yourself and take up your cross and follow Jesus and be ready to be called irrelevant.

In the resurrection of Jesus, God executed death.

Why Confession and Forgiveness are Good

Hold Fast (pt. 4) How To